Sette Cama - Gabon

  • September to April
  • 8 Anglers
  • Gabon, West Africa
  • 9 Nights & 6,5 Fishing Days


Where to fly to: Libreville, Gabon

Where your tour starts: Libreville, Gabon.

Transfers on arrival: On arrival in Libreville, guests will be met by an African Waters English speaking representative and transferred to a hotel of your choice, pre-booked on your behalf by the African Waters office.

Visas – South African Guests do not require a visa, but visas are required by all other passport holders. If a visa is required these are pre-arranged through African Waters, with very little hassle on behalf of the guest.

Transport to camp: Private charter from Libreville to Gamba. Upon disembarking the plane, you will be met by the Sette Cama camp manager. From Gamba guests will travel via boat on the lagoon to Sette Cama. 60-75min weather pending. This boat ride takes the guests through one of the most pristine estuarine ecosystems on the planet.

Type of accommodation: Rustic Wooden Lodge – rooms are shared, with en suite bathrooms, and air-conditioning

Boats: Yes – Fishing in the estuary is done from a boat. All sea fishing is done on foot in the surf.

Communications: Normal cell communications in camp. Wifi also available. Both Cell and wifi connectivity is temperamental in bad weather

Laundry – done daily and free of charge

Wildlife and Birding – It is possible to spend as much time as one likes viewing game and birds. Most fishing sessions there are elephants and buffalo on the beach, but for those wishing to explore the park and coast on foot, there is a chance to see gorillas, chimpanzees, leopards, forest sitatunga, red river hogs, many monkey and duiker species.

Weather – The season runs over the summer wet season. The fresh water coming out the jungle is what triggers the large concentrations of predatory fish. Days are typically 30 to 35 Degrees celcius (80 to 95 Fahrenheit). Rain comes in short sharp storms, and rainy generally doesn’t affect a trip, as the rain starts and ends quickly

Optional add on to your stay: Our Cameroon season lines up really well with this trip. There are daily flights from Libreville to Douala where Cameroon trips start. These two trips can be combined very easily.

Another option is to view Gorillas in the northern section of the park. On your return to Libreville you will travel back via Port Gentil. To view the gorillas your travel will start from Port Gentil via vehicle and boat. These gorilla viewing add on safaris can be customized in terms of the number of days – we suggest a minimum of three nights.

Safety: 100% safety record. All groups are guided by world class English speaking professional guides, with a wealth of experience in the safari, fly fishing, and big game industry. Each group of 8 anglers is accompanied by 2 guides to ensure safety at all times when walking and fishing in potentially dangerous game areas.

Gabon is a very stable and safe country, with zero safety concerns while travelling

Gabon has the longest stretch of untouched coastline left on the African continent, and along with a massive estuary system rich in nutrients, offers the avid salt water fishermen the opportunity to experience the thrill of targeting the numerous and unique species of West Africa with both spin and fly tackle. The abundance of large and aggressive game fish (all eager to attack a well fished lure) is complimented by Africa’s most pristine tropical rain forest, which creates the back drop to this one-of-a-kind salt water fishing experience.

This is truly a world class fishery, and also offers the opportunity to experience guided walks through Loanga National park where you will have the chance of seeing chimpanzees, lowland gorillas, red riverine hogs, forest sitatunga, numerous forest duikers and monkeys, along with the unique experience of forest elephant and forest buffalo sightings along on the beach. This area is also world famous for its unique birds, with a chance to see vermiculated fishing owls, chocolate-backed kingfishers and white-crested tiger herons, amongst many others.

Sette Cama Camp - Gabon:

The Sette Cama camp is on the southern boundary of the Loango National Park, offering a highly exclusive experience, in which to enjoy both the fishing and wildlife of this untouched venue.

Accommodation is in the form of rustic chalets with twin configuration. Each room has two beds with an ensuite. The rooms also have AC as well as plug points to charge your telephones, camera’s etc.

Meals are enjoyed in the main living area, which includes a stocked bar and a deck overlooking the Ndogo estuary.

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