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The weather predictions looked good for Trigger Fishing for the week, the wind was moderate, and expectations were high. The next group that arrived was from the UK, they stated that they wanted to mix the fishing up a little and not just stick to fly-fishing, so what we had was options and for a...
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We set sail out of Port Sudan with the exciting prospect of have two weeks to go where ever we wanted and the luxury of having only two guests.We welcomed Corey Knowlton from Texas back to Sudan, joined by his good friend John Lewton from Montana.We got together the first night
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While Igor was commencing his second week and fished hard on change over day leaving no rest to be had, he was after more elusive fish on the flats. The days fishing involved landing a good sized Bluefin Trevally on the flats where many other fish were hooked but unfortunately
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With the Sudan season well underway and with a bit of peaceful political turmoil in the south of the country, we are glad to report that it was business as usual in Port Sudan and on the Nubian Flats. A man named Igor came from Russia who started his first week of a two-week trip
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As it goes, Sudan is no normal destination in terms of travel and fishing. It constantly tests you as an angler and guide and the first trip of the season was no exception.For starters, Graham Hutton’s bag did not arrive at the airport and thus began a frenzy to get stuff
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A week with difficult language barriers, a man from Zimbabwe and some South Africans thrown into the mix, made for an interesting week.With a mixture of fly fisherman and conventional fisherman, the stage was set for a really interesting week.Willem, from Zimbabwe, managed on
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