April 17, 2019
nubian-flats-2019-season-week-3-african-waters-cast-connect-conserve-updates-on-location-deeply-committed-to-conservation-boutique-fishing-camps-africa fishing blog
With the Sudan season well underway and with a bit of peaceful political turmoil in the south of the country, we are glad to report that it was business as usual in Port Sudan and on the Nubian Flats. A man named Igor came from Russia who started his first week of a two-week trip
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gabon-2019-week-3-african-waters-cast-connect-conserve-updates-on-location-deeply-committed-to-conservation-boutique-fishing-camps-africa fishing blog
Fly fishing at Sette Cama is certainly not your average day of casting flies to tailing fish. In contrast, you are blind fishing in pounding surf, often fighting wind, and a big portion of this is done mostly at night. So it’s most definitely not every fly fisherman’s cup of tea
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