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tanzanian tiger fish
Tanzanian tiger fish With the way of the season, incredibly, improving each week; it was no surprise that the guide team were excited for the penultimate week of the Tanzanian tiger fish season to commence. The second to last week of the season welcomed an all American group of guests for one of the prime...
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Tiger Fishing Week 8 welcomed the X-Factor Angling team as they made their annual tiger fishing trip into the Kilombero Valley. What was to unfold was truly something no one could’ve scripted. This blog will in no way do it justice.  The week started off with an absolute bang, the experience of Greg Ghaui and...
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Tanzania Tigerfish It’s been amazing watching the season build and tigerfish numbers increase, as the days continue to grow longer. Each of the rivers is changing in their own way and each offering unique scenarios in which we target Tanzania tigerfish. This week marked the first sighting of dragonflies on the water coupled with the...
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