December 22, 2022
fishing in lesotho
Fishing in Lesotho A second week on at the Makhangoa Community Camp offered up a gin-clear and low river for the guests to enjoy. After a very successful first week fishing in Lesotho on the Bokong river with high catch numbers on dry fly, things were looking good for a fresh group of clients.  The...
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Lesotho After an expected 4 hour drive became a 6 hour drive through the scenic mountain roads of Lesotho, the first group of the Makhangoa 2022 season arrived in camp. After a long day on the road Rob, Jan, Nitzan and Lindsay eagerly drove into camp.  They were greeted by all the guides and camp...
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tanzanian tiger fish
Tanzanian tiger fish With the way of the season, incredibly, improving each week; it was no surprise that the guide team were excited for the penultimate week of the Tanzanian tiger fish season to commence. The second to last week of the season welcomed an all American group of guests for one of the prime...
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