goliath tigerfish
tanzanian tiger fish
Tanzanian tiger fish With the way of the season, incredibly, improving each week; it was no surprise that the guide team were excited for the penultimate week of the Tanzanian tiger fish season to commence. The second to last week of the season welcomed an all American group of guests for one of the prime...
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tanzania tiger fishing
Tigerfishing Week 6 welcomed anglers from around the world, namely South Africa, Zimbabwe, England and the USA. We couldn’t’t have hoped for more excited and diverse bunch of guys. Summer is officially here as the river comes alive! From the insects, to the bird life, the bank-side wildlife. Plus all the various fish species that...
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tiger fish
Tigerfish The first day of week 3 started superbly well, three hefty double-digit tigerfish met the net before lunch on Tim’s boat. No time to shake off the rust. The guys were off to a flyer. What happened to the slower mornings? The following day sang a different tune; the fishing was tricky across both...
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