Fly Fishing In Lesotho – Guest blog by Angela Bader

Fly Fishing In Lesotho

Fly Fishing In Lesotho

Returning to a destination where you’ve had a wonderful first visit can be risky, but Makhangoa Community Camp does not disappoint, and on this third consecutive year, the fly fishing in Lesotho and overall experience are better than ever.

Being in Lesotho is like travelling back in time. Everything slows down, and life becomes simpler. Quieter. It makes me happy.

We arrived to find other returning guests in camp and sat around the fire catching up where we left off 12 months ago. The evening rise on Home Pool and seeing fish in the rapids below gave promise of things to come. This year, the Bokong is low. The guides are scanning the horizon for rain clouds. They warned us that the skinny water is making the fish spook easily and the conditions are tough and technical.

Casting for Gold in the Champagne Waters

The days are spent trekking upriver like miners panning for gold. When a fish turns in the champagne-clear water and flashes yellow, it is like finding your very own nugget. Balbyter flies are the fly of the moment. For hours I cast, hook up, drop fish, change flies, cast again, catch, release, and cast again. With the help of the endlessly patient guides, the river yields opportunities for both skilled and beginner anglers, and everyone feels the exhilaration of the hunt and the excitement of fish in their net.

Homeward Reflections, Finding Peace and Happiness in the Mountain Village

The days are marvellous and magical, and the scenery is breathtaking. The fishing is incredible. But I think the thing that completes my days, other than having lunch delivered on the river by David on horseback or the G and T’s at the new lookout point above camp or delicious hearty meals served at the long table or the banter and laughter, is walking home past the village. There is a peace in that gentle place. Something that leaves me feeling grateful and inspires a deep sense of happiness. I am in awe of the simplicity and contentment that is found on this mountain, and I feel privileged to know this special place and its unique fishery.

I hope to be able to return for many years to come.

Angela Bader

If you would like to experience this magical fishery – please click here!

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