Finesse Fishing – Fishing micro jigs at Sette Cama

Finesse Fishing

Finesse Fishing

Finesse Fishing: In recent seasons, our team has dedicated time to exploring various fishing techniques tailored for the upper reaches of the lagoon at Sette Cama. These particular areas are characterized by steep banks and water depths ranging from 4 to 10 meters, featuring a combination of sediment and rocky bottoms. Initially, we experienced positive outcomes using paddletails and small trembler-like lures, which fueled our excitement to introduce micro jigs to these familiar fishing grounds this season. The outcomes we’ve witnessed have been nothing short of remarkable.

Head guide Ewan Kyle has graciously shared his insights on the subject:

“After experimenting with micro jigs in the aforementioned areas, the results have exceeded our expectations. While we previously enjoyed success using paddletails and similar lures, the introduction of micro jigs has taken our fishing experiences to a new level. It is fascinating to witness the effectiveness of these diminutive and lightweight jigs in enticing bites and reeling in impressive catches.

In areas where paddletails and other lures would often yield only a few bites on the initial drift or two, micro jigs have consistently produced bites for a prolonged period. What’s even more astounding is the notable size difference in the fish caught using micro jigs compared to the 5″ paddletails. It’s as if the larger, more astute fish recognize the paddletail as unappetizing but find the micro jig irresistible. The action, speed, or size of the micro jig could be the driving factor behind its efficacy, although the exact mechanism is still a topic of speculation.

To optimize our success with micro jigs, we have found it essential to employ lighter braid and leader. By utilizing 15lb braid and a 25lb fluorocarbon leader, we strike a balance between maintaining adequate pulling power and reducing the likelihood of losing fish. However, given the presence of snapper in the 6-8kg range and the abundance of treacherous structures, it is unavoidable to experience some losses.

In summary, our ongoing exploration of micro jig fishing in the upper reaches of the lagoon at Sette Cama has been a revelation. The combination of these small, versatile jigs, light tackle, and the right approach has consistently delivered exceptional results. It has proven instrumental in enticing more bites, attracting larger fish, and overcoming the challenges associated with fishing in deeper waters. As we continue to witness the effectiveness of micro jigs, it is no wonder that this technique has gained popularity among anglers seeking success across a wide range of species and fishing environments.”

To learn more about this method, see the video below:

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