Gassa Camp - Cameroon

  • January to April
  • 4 Anglers
  • Cameroon, Central West Africa
  • 8 Nights, 6 Fishing Days


Where to fly to: Douala, Cameroon

Where your tour starts: Douala, Cameroon.

Transfers on arrival: Not included in cost, there is great taxi service from the airport at very reasonable rates. This is the best way to get from airport to your preferred hotel when arriving prior to tour dates.

Transport to camp: From Douala guests will fly to Garoua (2hr regional commercial flight included in tour costs) and then 4hr road transfer into camp.

Type of accommodation: Seasonal tented camp on the river banks

Boats: No – all fishing is done off foot

Communications: Sat phone and limited cell communication

Laundry: Yes, free of charge

Optional add on to your stay: Our Gabon-Sette Cama season lines up really well with this package. There are daily flights from Douala to Libreville where Gabon trips start. If visiting Gabon for fishing prior or post your Cameroon trip, we can also add on a world class game viewing experience in Loanga National Park, think forest elephant, gorilla and whales all in a single day! AW reservations can assist with this.

Safety: 100% safety record. All groups are guided by world class English speaking professional guides, with a wealth of experience in the safari, fly fishing, and big game industry. Each group of 4 anglers is accompanied by 2 guides and 2 game scouts to ensure safety at all times when walking and fishing in potentially dangerous game areas.

We have been searching for a suitable Nile perch fly fishing fishery for almost a decade. In January 2018 we led the first of two exploratory trips to what we consider to be one of the last remaining, ecologically intact, Sahelo-Sudanian ecosystems/ West African savannah habitats habitats – through which the Faro River flows. The discovery and subsequent collaborations that we have established with key concession owners, Dr Koen Maes and Xavier Vannier, encompassing a geographically special 120km section of Faro River, bordering the Faro National Park, allows us to offer a world class and unique fly fishing product to adventurous anglers. The combination of pristine riverine and terrestrial ecosystems make this area one of the last relatively untransformed representations of Sahelo-Sudanian ecosystems/ West African savannah habitats left on the planet. The Faro Fly Fishing product is now adding incredible value to the area by helping to ensure sustainable and well-managed fly fishing is able to contribute significant funds towards conservation, anti-poaching strategies in the area and building towards the long-term goal to facilitate and coordinate a unified and all-encompassing Faro River Basin conservation plan. The commencement of the revitalisation of the Cameroonian-registered NGO, the Faro Conservation Association (AFC) in 2019 is one of the first steps to achieving this goal.

GASSA Camp - Cameroon:

Gassa Camp is a seasonal tented camp situated in the deep shade of mature forests on the banks for Faro River, overlooking the Faro.  Roughly in the center of a 2000ha private concession, it is the perfect base from which to access the fertile waters of the Faro, and enjoy a classic west African Safari experience.

Gassa Camp comprise of 4 single meru tents, each with a private view of the Faro River. The central living area is the heart of the camp and is made up of a 8m x 6m Bedouin  tent, under which is a comfy lounge and dining area.   There is an open air fireplace around which drinks and stories are shared each evening, and coffee is enjoyed each morning while listing to the sounds of the awaking African bush.

Gassa Camp ablutions consist of  two outside shower and bathroom facilities made up of  two flush toilets, two basins  and two showers, all with  hot and cold running water, with great pressure.   

Lighting in the camp is 220v through generator, as well as battery and inverter set ups. There are charging points in the main living area, and the option to connect to satellite WiFi for those who require it.

All meals are prepared by our talented camp chef in the camp kitchen. 

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