nile perch on fly
Faro river
Faro River Catching fish on the surface has always held a special place in the hearts of fly fishermen, especially on the Faro River. It is ingrained in the culture to the extent that it is not uncommon to find streams where only dry flies are permitted. With that in mind, you can imagine the...
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With the 2020 season cut short as covid reared its head for the first time, and 2021 a non-starter, we were eager to get the first trip of the 2022 season at Gassa Camp under the belt. Not only would this be the first fly fishing on the Faro since March 2020, but we would...
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Words from the angler: Myself, Ed Truter and two guests were busy with the 2nd of two exploratory missions in early 2018. The January trip had been a success with 3 fish over the 100cm landed, but we had to go back at what we felt was the tail end of the prime season, to...
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