August 29, 2019
nubian-flats-2019-season-week-8-blog-african-waters-cast-connect-conserve-deeply-committed-to-conservation fishing blog
It was the last week of the 2019 season Tourette Fishing season in Sudan, with an incredible season that has happened so far. The week was lining up to be a good one with all the guides being recovered and ready to go, with Nicola also arriving to guide after being in the south with...
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nubian-flats-2019-season-week-7-blog-african-waters-cast-connect-conserve-deeply-committed-to-conservation fishing blog
Another week of the season was about to commence and when your guest list shows, two South Africans, one from the UK, TWO Italians and one German, you know things are going to be interesting. Their expectations were met soon enough, with a GT over a meter being hooked and fought, unfortunately, the hooked popped...
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