Africa Day
Pan Africanism
Pan Africanism Pan Africanism: There are a whole lot of elements that make Sette Cama special, like big game on the beach; one of the wildest stretches of shoreline on the continent that’s a window into what ancient coastal Africa looked like; a last-chance-to-see and connect with a still intact western African lagoon system and the...
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World Africa
World Africa World Africa: Dhala and Samaki Camps are situated on the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers, respectively. These two rivers flow through the 7,000,000-hectare private KNS concession. This vast expanse of wilderness represents an untouched East African wilderness frozen in time. Conserving Africa’s Fauna and Flora: The Role of Tigerfishing and Trophy Hunting in Dhala...
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Africa Unite
Africa Unite Afica Unite – Consider that, barring Gabon, the Nile perch, or one of its cousins, is found in most river and lake systems in tropical Africa north of the equator (and those parts of the Congo and Nile basins south of the equator). It covers an area of about 8 million square kilometers...
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World Africa Day
World Africa Day World Africa Day – The MCC is a partnership between African Waters and the Makhangoa Community, which was set up in 2012. This groundbreaking community-based fly fishing venture has since become an industry success story, and the blueprint is being applied to projects across the continent, both within the African Waters’ framework...
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