Webbing Belt – Patagonia Tech Web Belt


Burly recycled nylon-webbing belt, with anticorrosive aluminum buckle, can be used in a pinch as a lash strap or bottle opener.

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Webbing Belt

The ruggedly crafted Patagonia Tech Web 1.5 in. polyester webbing belt, originally designed to secure your pants, boasts versatility beyond its primary function. Constructed with a durable interlacing web, this belt not only ensures longevity but also serves multiple purposes. Its robust 1½” recycled nylon webbing, engineered for strength and quick drying, doubles as an emergency lash strap, offering a reliable solution in unexpected situations.

Featuring a forged aluminum buckle, this belt is equipped for durability and convenience. The buckle, tough yet lightweight, is specifically designed with notches to effortlessly pry off bottle caps, adding an unexpected utility to its design. With a length of 46½”, it provides ample coverage for various waist sizes.

Hailing from Vietnam, this belt is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring quality and authenticity. Weighing just 128 g (4.5 oz), it offers a lightweight yet sturdy option for outdoor adventures.

Constructed from 100% recycled nylon webbing paired with a forged aluminum buckle, the Patagonia tech web belt embodies sustainable design without compromising on performance. Its versatility and reliability have earned it the favor of our guides team, making it the go-to choice for both freshwater and saltwater destinations. Whether used as a belt, lash strap, or bottle opener, this accessory stands ready to meet the demands of any adventure.




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