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World Africa: Dhala and Samaki Camps are situated on the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers, respectively. These two rivers flow through the 7,000,000-hectare private KNS concession. This vast expanse of wilderness represents an untouched East African wilderness frozen in time.

Conserving Africa’s Fauna and Flora: The Role of Tigerfishing and Trophy Hunting in Dhala and Samaki Rivers

When it comes to tigerfishing, there are simply no other rivers that offer the same consistency and size of tigerfish as guests experience at Dhala and Samaki. Additionally, the area is home to a healthy population of iconic African game, including four of the Big Five (Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, and Elephant). This is no coincidence. For the past two decades, regulated trophy hunting managed and operated by KNS, the concession owner, has played a crucial role in conserving the region’s fauna and flora. Since 2009, African Waters, in partnership with KNS, has been at the forefront of implementing cutting-edge fishery management and conservation plans as part of the wider conservation efforts in the concession. Through our monitoring, reporting, and research, we ensure that well-managed, low-volume fly fishing contributes to the long-term protection of the area.

Safeguarding Africa’s Rivers: Year-round Anti-Poaching Initiatives Supported by Fly Fishing Conservation Efforts at Dhala and Samaki Camps

Year-round anti-poaching (AP) teams are funded by the revenue generated from visiting fly fishermen and women. We now have two fully independent and mobile aquatic AP units, allowing for continuous river patrols during the vulnerable period from June to April when the fishery is at risk of illegal fish poaching during low water periods. In addition to our on-ground conservation efforts with local game scouts and AP teams, Dhala and Samaki Camps contribute significant funds to the local Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority through compulsory licenses and conservation levies from all visiting anglers.

Empowering Communities: Dhala and Samaki Camps’ Role in Providing Seasonal Employment and Economic Opportunities in the Region

Apart from a small team of SADC guides (from Tanzania, Kenya, and South Africa), Dhala and Samaki Camps employ over 20 lodge staff members, including chefs, waiters, housekeeping staff, boatmen, and maintenance teams. This seasonal employment forms a substantial portion of the annual income for the camp staff and is vital in supporting their families and loved ones.

Synergy of Conservation, Community Engagement, and Fly Fishing: Dhala and Samaki Camps as a Visionary Destination for Sustainable Excellence

Conservation, community engagement, and fly fishing come together to make Dhala and Samaki Camps one of the world’s truly exceptional fly fishing destinations. We are excited to see what we can achieve in the next decade and beyond.

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