Wild Camping – A night under the stars on the Faro

Wild Camping

Wild Camping

The Wild Camping Scene: The sun inches its way towards the tree line, casting an eerie orange glow through the Harmattan haze. Soon the landscape will come alive with the sounds of strange birds and animals, relieved that the relentless heat is giving way to the cool of night. On the beach, the stretchers are erected, and the table is set, gin and tonic at the ready. The 12wts are lined up against a tree, the feathers from the enormous flies fluttering silently in the breeze. A night on the beach begins.

How it works

The day starts as usual, with a morning session for tigers and barbs, followed by lunch at camp and a siesta. At about 15:30, stretchers and coolers are packed for you by the guides and camp staff, while you sip coffee or beer. At around 16:00, all the gear is packed onto the back of the land cruiser, and we head out to one of the larger beats that have a particularly scenic beach. On arrival, the guides will help you set up your tigerfish gear, and you can then fish close by while the camp is set up. Camp includes army stretchers, each fitted with a mosquito net dome, a pillow, and duvet. There is a central table with chairs overlooking the river where sundowners, and later, dinner is served.

Once camp has been completed, you will be called back, where cold drinks will be put in your hands, and we relax a bit while watching the sunset, after which you will be briefed on the fishing plans for the evening. You will then head off to your perch spots for the evening. At about 22:30, everyone will meet back on the beach for supper and stories of battles lost and won, following which you will head to bed, ready for an early morning wake-up call to fish the sunrise for perch. At 07:00, we meet back for breakfast and coffee, and your guides will sort out your tiger and barb setups for the morning session. A morning session then commences, ending at around 12:00, when we pack up and head back to base camp for lunch, a swim, and a wash.

The Wild Camping Experience

For those who have never slept out in the bush before, the experience is a bit difficult to describe. You fall asleep to the haunting hoot of Pels Fishing owls, punctuated by the tremolo wail of scops owls and the occasional crescendo of grunting from pods of hippos. Leaves rustle behind you as large mongooses and genets search for scraps, all the while the stars shine serenely through the mosquito nets. The world slowly fades as you trail off into a slumber, occasionally being disturbed by a hippo wandering past on a mission to find nutritious nocturnal grazing. It’s a night you will never forget. – Click here to find out more!

Wild Camping Faro River

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