Tourette Fishing to African Waters: A renewed mission for sport fishing in Africa

Fresh out of varsity in 2005, Keith and Rob’s brainchild, Tourette Fishing was born out of their need for adventure and desire to combine their love of African wilderness, tourism, and sport fishing. What began as a service to introduce local and international anglers to the stunning sportfishing possibilities in Africa grew into a destination scouting, product development, and professional guiding business, and now a fully-fledged conservation and community focused company.

“As our focus has evolved, so has our name and we are excited to announce that we will now be operating as African Waters; a name that carries as much weight for us as the rivers and oceans it represents. We are still the same team of passionate fisherman and guides, just on a slightly more focused mission to develop feasible sportfishing operations in some of Africa’s most wild and remote areas. Our priority is to protect these fragile ecosystems through conservation, and projects that benefit local communities, all while working hand in hand with the regional and international conservation bodies, private landowners, national parks and government”

As part of the change Keith Rose-Innes and Murray Collins from Blue Safaris and Alphonse Fishing Co. will be joining our team. Although they will not be involved in the daily running of African Waters, we are excited about the  value they bring to the organisation through an advisory and strategic role. Rosie’s and Murray’s shared commitment to fly fishing, and their passion to save vulnerable wilderness areas is perfectly aligned with African Waters’ vision and mission. We are excited to have them on board, and are confident that their involvement will be welcomed by our existing team, agents, and guests alike.

African Waters – the fish, wildlife, and communities that they support, and the fragile natural habitats that surround them are our passion, and we could not have thought of a more fitting name to encompass all that our business stands for. We are excited to share our passion with our guests while guiding them into their fish of a lifetime, and facilitating life-changing experiences amongst fauna, flora, and communities that which inhabit our beautiful continent.


To celebrate the rebrand, we are offering a limited number of 3 for 4 specials (book for 4 rods, pay for 3 rods) to the following camps:

Gabon – Sette Cama: 15 – 26 Feb 2020 and 29 Feb – 7 March

Gabon – Sette Cama:
15 – 26 Feb 2020 and
29 Feb – 7 March 2020

 Kalahari Largie Expeditions: 21 – 27 Oct 2019

Kalahari Largie Expeditions: 21 – 27 Oct 2019

Cameroon – Nile Perch and Tigerfish: 16 – 24 Jan 2020 and 15 – 23 March 2020

Cameroon – Nile Perch: 16 – 24 Jan 2020 & 15 – 23 March 2020

Makhangoa Community Camp, Lesotho: 24 – 28 Feb 2020

Makhangoa Community Camp  24 – 28 Feb 2020