Three Rivers – Lesotho Yellowfish Grp 4: 14 – 19 Jan 2014

The first week of the 2014 Lesotho Yellowfish season has come and gone, and we could never have asked for a better way to kick things off. This week in camp we had Dave, Allen, Pelham and Avril. Some awesome company mixed with some epic fishing. To start our Three Rivers Yellowfsihing week off we headed off in the Lesohto Fly Mobileto the upper Malibamatsu, a bigger river perfect for 6wt nymphing and some awesome sight fishing opportunities on dries. Then following that, on to the upper Motete. Two rivers that would make even the kiwi’s super jealous.

he first two days were spent on the Malibamatsu and Motete. The fishing was exceptional; all the guys got their fair share of yellowfish. Drifting buggy terrestrials over sighted 50cm fish is pretty ridiculous. Fish were also eager to take smaller emerges in the skinny water and nymping in the deeper holes. The last afternoon here Dave and Pelham had a great session sight fishing to some selective fish in fast glide. There is an 8lb slab there, that managed to get the better of us, but that is what keeps us coming back for more! However the best was yet to come, heading to our latest private camp on the Bokong, we were pleased to see the system at good levels after being away for 3 days.

The last 3 nights of the 5 night trip are spent at the Tourette Fishing Makhangoa Community Camp we build last year. This is a purpose built fly fishing camp IMG_0003on the river banks, from where we manage all fishing on the Bokong River the the Makhangoa Community. This time of year the river is skinny and waters are warm, leading the fish to stack up in the pools, glides, pockets and rapids. All super hungry and fixated on anything that resembles a grasshopper coming over the top of them. The next few days we saw the guys proceed to catch and release some seriously good numbers of fish, averaging in the high 50’s every day. That’s pretty insane for any system around the world. What makes it even more special is that fact that almost all except maybe 10 fish were all caught on dries and all 100% sight fished in gin clear water.

These statistics are just ridiculous; trying to describe it or explain it can never do it justice. The only way is for you to experience it yourself. This is by far the finest fresh water sight fishing destination we have had the privilege to guide on, and have thoroughly enjoyed introducing our guests to this magical area. Truly breathtaking.

Well, it is turn around day today, with the 5th group of the 2013/14 season coming in, and we can’t wait to get back on the water.

From the Lesotho guide team stay tuned for the next update from camp.

Tight lines

Tourette Fishing Makhangoa Community Camp Home Pool
Fish feeding in the camp home pool

Mark and Kyle