The Farthest Flats


“You’re going to get your ass kicked, over and over again. It’s gonna tear you apart. You’re sore, you’re bruised, your hands are ripped apart, your shins are ripped apart. Your equipment is destroyed, but you can’t wait to go out the next morning.” -Russ Schnitzer.

As far as far-flung fishing destinations go, Sudan’s Red Sea ranks right up there as one of the most remote and most rewarding destinations for those who cast flies at fish. Russ Schnitzer tells the story of what still ranks as one of our most memorable weeks on the Nubian flats. From getting busted up by big bonefish and getting up close and personal with a shark, Russ tells it all in spectacular detail.

To hear his story first hand, go listen to The DrakeCast Episode #9 – Kaleidoscope of LSD or follow the link below:

You can also read the essay in The Flyfish Journal, Issue 8.4

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