THE CRAFT – ” The Feather Mechanic – A fly tyers philosophy” a film about Gordon Van der Spuy

The Craft

The Craft

The Craft presents a film about Gordon Van Der Spy, “The feather mechanic”, a master fly tyer who gives us his thoughts and philosophy on the craft of fly fishing and his passion for fly tying. Shot on location at the African Waters, Makhangoa Community Camp in Lesotho a country in the highlands of Southern Africa. The film is the seminal story on the smallmouth yellofwish of the Bokong river. Beautifully shot by Owen Bruce, with a stunning soundtrack by Alun Richards, it will take you on a journey into the majestic mountain rivers of Lesotho, home to the incredible golden slabs of small mouth yellowfish who inhabit the crystal clear waters, always ready to eat a well presented fly.   

Fly Tying

” A lot of people approach tying from an aesthetic point of view paying more attention to what the fly looks like as apposed to how it will behave or fish. We’re pattern-orientated as opposed to being purpose-orientated and in many ways, I think we’ve got this whole thing the wrong way round. I don’t think you can tie effective flies consistently without thinking about how you’re going to fish them. Essentially fish eat flies which present optimally. The trick is to figure out what you need the fly to do, and then design it to do just that. You need to adopt a logical approach to tying as opposed to just being a follower of recipes and step-by-step instructions.

Form needs to follow function. “ – Gordon Van Der Spuy

About Gordon

Gordon van der Spuy is an actor, writer and fly fisherman. His love for fly fishing started at the age if thirteen when he saw someone casting a fly in a lagoon in Ramsgate. He didn’t know what the guy was doing, but knew it was something he had to try. Since then he has been haunted by feathers, hooks, fly rods and brooks. Fly tying is both his addiction and therapy.

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