Tanzania Tigerfish Week 8: 1 – 8 Nov 2014

Group no 8 this year started with only three guys. Ross from Australia, Danny from the USA, and Sham from South Africa. With such diversity of nationalities, and the good river conditions, we were keen to get started on a potentially very productive week.

The teams split over the two rivers with Ross on the Ruhudji, while Danny and Sham started things off on the Mnyera.

Eager to improve their fly-fishing skills, Danny and Sham got to work straight away. Although not exactly firing, the guys on the Mnyera still managed to connect with some good fish on their first three days. They managed to land a good number of 10 – 12lbs fish but in true tiger form, all the 15lbs + fish managed to win the battle, leaving anglers with trembling hands and shaking knees.

Meanwhile Ross, whom was on his 2nd trip to Tanzania, was well accustomed to these fish and made almost every opportunity count. Ross connected with a number of fish on day 1 and by the end of the day one, he had a 15, 13, and a couple 11lbs fish to brag with.

Over the next two days he improved his hookup-to-land ration even more. By the end of day 3, on the turnover, Ross managed some more good fish with the standouts being a 17,16 and 15lbs fish.

Day 4 brought some more guests into camp. Miles, James and Ingy came in on their private plane and with their arrival, the Mnyera was building up to a proper shakedown. Everyone got right into the swing of things and started landing some good fish from the go. Fish of up to 15lbs were landed with a considerable amount of seemingly bigger fish getting the better of the anglers. One fish even managed to explode one of Miles’s reels! Ross, with seemingly indestructible reels, carried on his streak and landed another handful of double digit fish on the upper Mnyera.

To top that off, the four anglers ended their trip on a high, fishing the last day of the trip up in the Kasingo rapids. Using a mix of flies and lures, the fishing became extremely visual and exciting! The guys connected with countless fish over 15lbs with spectacular displays of fish going airborne, bending hooks, and just sheer power. James came out on top with a solid 21lbs fish. A great way to end the trip for the guys on the Mnyera River.

In the meantime on the Ruhudji river, Danny and Sham battle on as the fishing did not get any easier for them. Although many opportunities at trophy fish presented to them, the guys struggled to land any of the trophy tigerfish the Mnyera and Ruhudji are famous for. They both managed several fish in the 12 and 13lbs range, which by ‘normal’ tigerfish standards are real trophies, and were fortunate enough to have felt the power of a number of really big fish that got the better of them….. nothing like a bit if motivation to get back for a round two, to settle this unfinished business.

A big thanks to Ross, James, Miles, Danny, Sham and Ingy for joining us here in Tanzania and we hope to see you back some time soon.


Tourette Fishing.