Tanzania Tigerfish 2017: Week 5

It is not all blue skies, perfect weather, and feeding tigerfish during the Tanzania Tigerfish season. Running a busy fully guided season in remote locations such as on the Mnyera and Ruhudji Rivers in Tanzania, is no easy feat. Solid team work, the ability to deal with logistical hiccups on the run, a good sense of humor, and the stamina to last a full back to back season are a few of the attributes needed by guides and camp staff to make things work. Lastly, open minded guests, with a passion for adventure, are key to enjoyable trips and a great camp vibe.

We are fortunate to work with a great team on the ground who own the concession and run the fishing camps, Kilombero North Safaris. In addition to this, our guests and agents from around the world ensure we welcome guests who are suited to the location, the type of fishing, and the adventurous nature of the product.

A brief video clip of some of the heavy lifting required to keep things running on location. And some pics from the week to follow.