Tanzania Safari – Big tigerfish and Wildlife Encounters

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari

Tanzania Safari: As we entered the third week of the season, we warmly welcomed six guests to our camps, divided between Dhala Camp on the Mnyera River and Samaki Camp on the Ruhudji River. Little did we anticipate that this week would be dominated by extraordinary elephant sightings. On our way to Samaki Camp, the signs were unmistakable – broken branches, dung scattered everywhere, and tracks crisscrossing the landscape. It appeared that these majestic creatures had chosen our camp as their preferred spot for nocturnal foraging. The experience of lying in bed at night, with elephants so close that you can hear their breath and the occasional snap of a branch, was truly awe-inspiring.

Quest for the 20-Pound Tigerfish

The week got off to a promising start, and our anglers began to wonder about the enigmatic beast known as the 20-pound tiger fish. Although no one had managed to land one so far, hope was high, and by the fourth day, it was on everyone’s mind. Our dedicated anglers braved the scorching Tanzanian sun, putting in a tremendous effort. Finally, the moment of truth arrived, and the elusive fish made its appearance. The tiger fish is a remarkable species, regardless of its size, with raw power coursing through its veins. However, a 20-pounder is an entirely different challenge. With its lightning-fast initial runs, it’s not uncommon to emerge from the battle with line burns in unexpected places. But, in the end, the excitement was worth it, as our anglers successfully landed a 20-pounder. No matter how many times you’ve seen them, witnessing a 20-pound fish up close is an incredibly special experience that’s difficult to put into words.

Overall, it was a fantastic week of fishing on both rivers, with many fish caught, including several in the double-digit weight range. We all know that when good people and great fishing converge, a wonderful time is had by all. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the guests of this week for another truly magnificent week in the heart of the Tanzanian wilderness.

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