Sette Cama – A film by Gabriel Botha

Sette Cama

Sette Cama

Gabriel Botha’s latest cinematic endeavor, “Sette Cama,” spotlights Gabon’s premier fly fishing retreat managed by African Waters. Nestled in an almost pristine, untamed setting, this angler’s haven teems with a diverse array of gamefish, including tarpon, cubera snapper, Giant African threadfin, and longfin jacks. These formidable predators voraciously attack both live baitfish and their artificial counterparts with equal fervor. Expert guides Teddy Coulter, Mike Dames, and Oliver Santoro provide insightful commentary on the rich aquatic ecosystem thriving within Africa’s second largest lagoon, as well as the lush jungle surroundings pulsating with action.

Directed and meticulously crafted by Gabriel Botha, this film is a visual odyssey into the heart of Sette Cama, Gabon. It unfolds as a testament to the unrivalled beauty and thrill of fly fishing in one of Africa’s hidden gems.

African Waters proudly presents this cinematic masterpiece, with Coulter, Dames, and Santoro as the charismatic faces guiding viewers through the immersive experience. Shot against the breathtaking backdrop of Sette Cama, Gabon, the film captures the essence of adventure and discovery that defines the spirit of fly fishing.

Supported by esteemed partners Echo Fly Fishing, Shilton Reels, Patagonia Fly Fishing, and The Mission Fly Fishing Magazine, “Sette Cama” stands as a collaborative testament to the passion and dedication shared by all involved in this captivating journey.

Read more about Gabriel Botha’s experience in issue 44 of The Mission fly fishing magazine.

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