Second Week of the Trout Trekking Season

After meeting Michelle, nick, pat, Pierre and Rhys at oxbow, we headed up the heavily under construction road to letseng, where we all bundled into the Hilux and snaked our way down into the khubelu valley. We made it as far as we could by vehicle where we met the horses and proceeded on foot to the camp for the first night. The guest were understandable very keen to hit the water, leaving a trail of dust behind then as they raced off to squeeze a couple minutes in before dark.
The first evening confirmed that we were in for a good couple days on the river, with everyone getting stuck into several fish each.

The next morning, beat 1 lay ahead of us and after waiting for the sun to hit the water we set off upstream, we soon noticed that we had been a dash premature with our departure and had to change to nymphs while the water warmed up.

Throughout the day we had good solid action, with 3 fish around the 16” mark finding their way to the bank and probably two dozen fish of 10 to 12”
A bit of rain in the night cast a looming sky over us the next day. We cracked on none the less and sighted some really big fish despite the wind and cloud. Unfortunately a lot of these fish required a long cast into the wind which made things very tricky. But I take my hat off to everyone for prevailing and still catching a number of fish of 16”.

We continued fishing our way up over the next two days in some very miserable weather, which meant nymphing almost all the time as it became nearly impossible to spot fish. On and off rain in the days and rain every night had us leaving absolutely nothing to burn at the various campsites. Luckily this weather although tough and depressing didn’t seem to affect the fish, which made coping with the wet and cold more than bearable.
Once again hats off to everyone especially after our walk out the valley into a 80km/h headwind.
From me personally I am looking forward to seeing you back in Lesotho for the Yellowfishing season.

Cheers for now, Stu