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Rosehip Cottage

Rosehip Cottage

Every year, from mid-December to early January, we eagerly welcome a diverse mix of families and fly fishing enthusiasts to the MCC and Rosehip Cottage. This timeframe conveniently aligns with school holidays, providing the perfect opportunity for families to come together and revel in the offerings of the MCC and Rosehip.

Immersed in an environment free from modern-day distractions, a family retreat to the MCC allows each member to reconnect, embrace a more unhurried daily rhythm, and bask in the outdoor expanse. While fly fishing serves as a significant attraction, our dedicated guides take pleasure in introducing younger anglers to the sport. Yet, there is a plethora of activities catering to the entire family. Days are thoughtfully organized around invigorating hikes, refreshing river swims, exciting tubing adventures, serene horse rides, bird-watching expeditions, and the simple pleasure of unwinding around the camp.

A recurring theme emerges when conversing with families about their experiences at the Makhangoa Community Camp and Rosehip Cottage —the stress-free environment where children can roam and play freely (given they are water-safe). The vast outdoor space and secure setting provided by the MCC and Rosehip offer a haven for children to revel in carefree moments, a rarity in today’s fast-paced world. Witnessing children thrive in such environments underscores the significance of these precious times. It brings immense joy to the African Waters team to observe how profoundly special these moments are for families during their visits.

To provide a glimpse into the festive atmosphere at the camp during the December holidays, we’ve included a selection of pictures. With upcoming half-term and Easter breaks, and more on the horizon, we encourage you to reach out to Keith Clover if you’re contemplating planning a family holiday to Rosehip Cottage(full gallery) and the MCC in the future.

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