Red Sea Fishing – Far From Home: Ep.6 The Nubian Flats

Red Sea Fishing

Red Sea Fishing

From the banks of meandering rivers to vast open landscapes baked in sunlight and trodden by only hooves and talons, the best fisherman’s tales come from adventures had far from home. Join us as we explore one of the most remote fishing destinations in the world: The Nubian Flats. On a mothership exploring endless flats in the Red Sea, The Flylords crew joins African Waters to put the new Sage SALT R8 rod to the test. Here, you have an opportunity out of any salt water anglers dreams. Some of the best opportunities for triggerfish in the world, and on top of that the chance to offer a fly to giant trevally.  Explore the energy, beauty, and endless horizon that is a place so far from home… – Fly Lords Mag

Some background info on the Nubian Flats?

The Nubian Flats is a substantial expanse of shallow water located in the Red Sea, off the coast of Sudan. It is renowned for its varied marine life and also first-rate fishing opportunities, making it a top destination for anglers and diving lovers alike.

The Nubian Flats are characterized by their large sandy flats, which are dotted with small reefy outcrops as well as fringed by dynamic coral reefs. This unique ecological community provides the excellent environment for a large range of fish types, consisting of bonefish, permit, triggerfish, and various trevally.

Giant Trevally

Among the most prominent fish to target on the Nubian Flats is the Giant Trevally (GT), a powerful hostile fish that is known for its unbelievable fighting ability.


These Flats are also home to a variety of other amazing fish species, consisting of several types of triggerfish. The Titan Triggerfish and also Yellowmargin Triggerfish are the main target varieties on the flats, both known for their powerful runs and also aggressive battles. The Titan Triggerfish is the largest of both, with specimens reaching up to 75 cm in size, while the Yellowmargin Triggerfish is recognised for its beautiful pigmentation as well as striking blue red stripes.

Other exciting species – Red Sea Fishing

The other exciting fish species, consist of bluefin trevally, numerous species of snapper and grouper, and the occasional sailfish.

In general, the Nubian Flats is a special and amazing location for anglers looking for a first-rate fly angling experience in a genuinely amazing setting. With its diverse marine life and extraordinary angling opportunities, it is sure to offer an extraordinary experience for any fishermen. If you would like to experience this amazing fishery, please click here!

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