Shilton CR Series – Ultra Large Arbor Freshwater reel


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Shilton CR Series

The Shilton CR series represents the pinnacle of popularity within the Shilton freshwater range. Characterized by its super large arbor design, this series offers a blend of rapid, smooth retrieval and reduced line memory, ensuring an efficient and hassle-free fishing experience. Available in sizes ranging from CR2 to CR4, catering to line weights spanning from 3 to 8, this series presents a versatile option for various fishing applications.

Embodying a super light and contemporary design, the CR series strikes an ideal balance between form and rugged durability without compromising on functionality. Specifically tailored for single-handed rod applications, these reels seamlessly complement a wide array of fishing setups.

Among the CR series, the smaller-sized CR2 and CR3 models stand out as the top choice for trout and yellowfish pursuits. Their compact yet efficient design caters perfectly to these fishing endeavors. On the other hand, the CR4 model finds its niche in 7-9wt setups, tailored specifically for targeting tigerfish. The lightweight construction of these reels significantly reduces fatigue during prolonged casting sessions, a crucial factor in the demanding sport of tigerfishing.

Notably, the reel’s retrieve—both incoming and outgoing—is characterized by a silent operation, adding a touch of subtlety to your angling experience. Furthermore, the CR range offers a wide array of color options, including titanium, black, blue, turquoise, purple, red, gold, or the possibility of a custom color, allowing anglers to personalize their gear according to their preferences.

In essence, the Shilton CR series amalgamates cutting-edge design with practical functionality, catering to diverse fishing pursuits while prioritizing lightweight construction and silent retrieval, making it an ideal companion for anglers seeking efficiency and versatility in freshwater fishing scenarios.


CR2, CR3, CR4, CR2-spare spool, CR3-spare spool, CR4-spare spool


Black, Custom Color, Titanium


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