Orange River Fishing Trips – Success Despite Challenging Conditions

Orange River Fishing Trips

Orange River Fishing Trips

Orange River Fishing Trips: Last week, a massive cold front swept over the Cape region, resulting in significant flooding. Despite these challenging conditions, Viv and the crew on the Orange River managed to secure some impressive catches.

The relentless wind and cloud cover at the front’s forefront posed a serious test for the team. The guiding team worked tirelessly on the water to provide the guests with excellent fishing opportunities. Meanwhile, Gav and Serg worked hard in the camp to ensure that the Bedouin tent remained firmly grounded, sparing everyone from the chaos of falling poles. They also managed to prepare high-quality meals, even as they endured sand pelting them, humorously referred to by Chris as “crispy onion.”

The smallmouth yellowfish were in an active feeding mode as water levels dropped, leading the guys to enjoy some exciting euro-nymphing in fast-moving waters using a flexo crab and nymph combination. Heath developed a particular fondness for this fishing technique, connecting with some decent smallmouth yellowfish and a few smaller largemouth yellowfish. The highlight of his nymphing adventure occurred when he hooked a smallmouth yellowfish on his bottom fly. While battling it, the erratic movement of the crab on the top dropper attracted a small largemouth yellowfish, resulting in an impressive largemouth-smallmouth double catch.

The trip’s standout catch was an 8lb largemouth yellowfish caught by Murray near the largest rapid on our stretch of the river. Once hooked, the fish decided to dash downstream through the rapid, wrapping Murray’s line around a rock in the process. Thanks to Murray’s extensive knowledge of rivers and rapids, the fish had little chance of escaping using that tactic. Just as he was about to leap into the turbulent white water and follow the fish, the line miraculously came loose. Murray chased it downstream, scrambling up and over small gullies to finally land the fish. It was a well-executed catch!

In the midst of our drift on the Orange River, we were faced with a unique challenge – a powerful cold front that put our skills to the test. However, let it be known that the weather on the Orange River is generally quite pleasant, and this was indeed a rare occurrence. If you’re an angler who seeks the joy of fishing in beautiful surroundings, with most days offering favorable conditions, then we invite you to be part of our fishing expedition. Click here if you would like to join us and experience the beauty and bounty of the Orange River.

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