Okavango Tigerfish Season Week 2: 8 – 13 Sept 2014

The next group of anglers consisting of Graham, Ewan, Roberto, Alessandro, Steven and Duncan arrived at camp full of anticipation and eager to start fishing. Some members of the party were return guests, so expectations were high and the pressure was on. With the warm weather setting in, and the runs intensifying, the group of 6 anglers were ready to tackle the tigerfish. The fishing was not easy though, and the grouped worked hard for their strikes. As always, patience is the key and pretty soon everyone was on the board landing some nice fish. Drifting with the current and casting flies into likely looking lies proved to be very effective, and fishing off the sand banks produced some good fish when the runs were not at their best.

The water level of the Okavango river is dropping steadily and the temperature rising each day. Resulting in the barbell marauding hoards of baitfish out of the papyrus into the main channel where the tigerfish wait in ambush. The frequent sightings of hippos, crocs, fish eagles, kingfishers, marabou storks and other wildlife kept everyone entertained during the boat drives up and down the river, offering the budding photographers in the group many opportunities to capture that perfect piece of wild Africa.

The highlight of the week was the last few sessions of the trip when the guides took a gamble to explore some areas south of where they had been fishing. They were fortunate to find some massive runs, and have them all to themselves.

As is the case in these scenarios, chaos erupted. Line burns, broken rods, popped leaders, lost fish and broken spirits were experienced, but the anglers pushed on without ever giving up. Through all the carnage, some great fish (tigerfish, nemwbe and bream) were landed, and the experience will not soon be forgotten. The last day produced some 107 odd fish between 6 anglers.

Roberto and Alessandro landed a 9 lb tiger each and Duncan landed a very nice three-spot bream of 6 lbs which fell to a fire-tiger clouser. The week could not get any better and with a setting sun we headed back to the lodge for the final dinner. Duncan had a score to settle with some of the fish he lost during the day so we stopped at the mouth of a lagoon where some fleeing baitfish were observed for ‘one last cast’. Following a good cast in the right area Duncan hooked and landed a super 7lb tiger that eluded him during the week. It was the perfect end to a super 4 days on the water and we could not have asked for more.

The fishing is looking very promising for the next couple of weeks and we are looking forward to welcome the next group of fanatic anglers into camp.

See you on the river.

The Okavango guides team: Kyle, Lionel and Pierre.