Nubian Flats – Season 2022 – Week 1

The 2022 Sudan season is here and in full swing. The first group of the season was a full 6 pack of South Africans. Upon arrival  in Khartoum they realised two very important bags had not found their way, they decided to delay the trip south by a day and rather do a short trip north while they waited for the bags. 

As we headed north we hit big winds, this made fishing on the flats difficult as visibility was poor and being able to put in a cast was almost impossible. Despite the conditions the guys managed to get a trigger, Bohar snapper and a Spanish mackerel . We headed back to port to find that the bags had arrived, this meant we could get the south trip underway-we set off immediately. waking up with an island in-front of the boat and no one else in sight is something special, crystal clear blue water with white sand flats full of marine life. The guys were buzzing with excitement and within no time we had the pangas loaded and were on the flats. The first day on the flats saw great numbers of yellow margin and titan triggerfish tailing and eager to eat. The guys had great fishing with large numbers of triggers being landed. The GT’s showed their presence fairly often with some really good sight fishing opportunities to some big fish, being ready was the trick as they don’t hang around for long. Teasing the outer reef of the flats we had shots at really big fish but the sharp coral and deep drop offs made it tricky to get them out. The following few days saw similar results-many triggerfish and GT’s in between along with a small but very special permit. The spinning guys had great success catching a huge variety of species, mainly bluefin, bohar, grouper, barracuda and of course GT with the biggest being +-120cm.

Sudan is truly a wild and remote place filled with opportunities to catch the fish of a lifetime at any moment, it’s an addiction that keeps any angler and guide focused for that moment. 

Unfortunately after a good lull in the wind the last two days it caused havoc and made it basically unfishable with rough seas and very little shelter we slowly headed back to port. All in all the guys had a great trip, catching good numbers and quality sized fish. 

Kindest Regards,

Tim Leppan

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