Nubian Flats Season 2021 – Week 2

A truly an incredible second week on the Nubian flats. With the Nubian Flats Deep South season in Sudan now in full swing, we are glad to report back on the incredible fishing that was experienced this past week. The bluefin trevally were completely off the charts having landed a couple up to the 80cm mark. The guys managed to land 95 bluefin trevally in two days of fishing, truly immense! The group managed to knuckle down on the triggers as well with great numbers of both titan and yellow margin triggerfish being brought to the net with a couple being true trophy fish!

This week saw more GT’s on the flats with many of them sitting on the back of sharks. The group managed to put their flies in the right places and bring a few fantastic GT’s to hand! One of which being landed on a 9wt setup whilst prospecting for triggerfish. The teasing proved to be slow this week, however, the fish that came onto the teasers were immense… the first day saw Bill Cowin set hook on a GT well over a meter that proceeded to be explode the 100lb core fly line despite everything being done right, it was experience that won’t be forgotten by guest or guide for a long time to come! 

The most memorable highlight of the trip, without doubt, came in the form of a proposal between Simon Norton and Kayla Prunier on the white sandy flats of Abu’Isa, one of the most remote islands in the south of Sudan! Kayla had a shot at a fantastic yellow margin trigger early on in the morning and having made no mistake brought it to hand immediately, her first trigger ever. She was completely over the moon and couldn’t contain her excitement. However, as she turned around to give Simon a hug, Simon was on his knee with a ring in hand! It was an unbelievable moment for the both of them as well as the guide involved which was duly shared by all throughout the course of the week!

It couldn’t have been a better week. Cheers to the group of guests from week two for letting the good times roll and for providing everyone involved with memories that will last forever! 

Till next time

Tim, Brent, & David

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