Nubian Flats fishing – Fishing Adventures on the Nubian Flats of Sudan’s Red Sea

Nubian Flats Fishing

Nubian Flats Fishing

Triggerfish Tails and Delicate Presentations: Catching Fish in Clear Conditions

In the second week of the Nubian Flats Fishing season 2023 in the Red Sea, the fishing conditions were excellent with low winds and low water, making the flats look like a scene from a movie. Triggerfish tails were scattered throughout the sand and turtle grass flats, making it easier to stalk and catch them. However, the clear conditions made the fish hyper-alert and spooky, so presentation was crucial. Longer leaders, delicate presentation with light flies, and perfect stalking resulted in a fun fishing experience. Catching triggerfish on fly in such clear conditions was a beautiful dance between man and fish.


Stalking Elusive Species: Permits, Bonefish, and Milkfish on the Nubian Flats

One day, the anglers went to a pristine island hoping to see some of the rarer species that Nubian Flats offer. The day began with catching triggers until they spotted the unmistakable tail of a permit. The anglers tried to stalk and present to the permit, but it ended in tears as the angler quickly realized the difficulty of getting them on fly. Similarly, they had a similar experience with a bonefish, and although they did not have the right flies for the job, they tried their best to catch a milkfish. Even though they did not catch any of these fish, it was a privilege to see them on the flats.

Determination and Patience: Catching Giant Trevally on the Nubian Flats

Some anglers were determined to catch giant trevally, which required a lot of effort, including walking drop-offs for hours, finding good spots, teasing, and waiting patiently. Although it was a slow process, their determination paid off, and they caught a few decent geets, as well as some bluefin and boha snapper. They even caught a special mangrove snapper on the 12 weight.

Great Fishing on Windy Nubian FlatsA Beautiful Dance Between Man and Fish nubian flats.jpeg

Overcoming Windy and Rough Conditions: Great Fishing on the Nubian Flats

The weather threw a curveball towards the end, and the last two days of the trip were windy and rough, with silt on the flats and big swells. However, this made the triggers less spooky, and baitfish washed in and out of the flats, making for some great fishing if you were brave enough to face the elements.

A Fantastic Fishing Experience: Sunsets, Beers, and Banter

Overall, it was a fantastic fishing experience with beautiful scenery, evening beers, and banter paired with amazing sunsets. – Want to join us on the Nubian Flats? Click here to find out more!

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