November Exploratory Trip Nubian Flats Week 2 – Day 1

After 14 hours of flying and one super interesting road transfer yesterday, we finally spent our first day on some of the most beautiful flats in the world!

Today was my first day of flats fishing ever so I was super keen to get going but as luck would have it, we woke to water bucketing down from the sky. We just laughed, I mean what’s the odds of it raining in the desert?! To me it just added to experience plus a little more relaxed start to the day came in handy after the previous day’s travelling! Luckily by 09:00 it cleared up and the wind pushed most of the clouds away.

Anyways while we were feasting on pancakes with Nutella, fresh goats cheese and egg for breakfast, the mother ship was busy making her way down south to one of the areas we wanted to explore.

The tackle setup was straight forward!

The Guns:

A fast 12wt GLoomis NRX paired with a Shilton SL7 reel loaded with a 550 grain floating line. The leader was also pretty straight forward, 6ft straight 1.2 mm and a black & purple Semper.

The other rod I carried with me was my trusty old 9wt G.Loomis NRX and Shilton SL6 reel loaded with a RIO Tropical floating line and 17lb furled leader.

We also took a teasing stick with as the condition the previous week(which was still hanging around) pushed most fish off the flats and the guys had some good results teasing off the edges. It’s not my favourite style of fishing but one thing has to be said, I don’t think fly fishing can get any more intense but more on that a little later.

So the plan for the day was to split up, Myself and Kyle Reed would pair up with Rob Scott while Ewan Naude, Sven Verwiel would go with Ed Truter.

The section we focused on was mostly sand but on the northern edge of this flat it got a little more rocky with a hectic drop over the edge. As we actually approached this flat we saw a really good size GT move off, we had a good look around but no luck.

We carried on walking the flat and kept our eyes peeled! I really enjoyed this as it gave me the same feeling like when I’m hunting back home for Kudu. You walking along and the slightest shape or movement gets your heart racing! ok maybe I was just a little trigger happy and over excited but still, we on the Nubian flats for pete sake!

We started spreading out a bit to cover more water when suddenly I saw Kyle just stop, start stripping line ferociously and move to his right. I was a little far away to see in full detail but he loaded his cast, presented, stripped and next moment it was just white water in front of him….BUT that was followed by a massive *sorry I can’t repeat that word* and the GT was gone! Kyle had connected properly but as luck would have it, it popped the leader just above the fly. Thats part of the game ey?! Hard luck my friend but sure you will get another shot!

Anyways we carried on making our way to the edge of the flat, checking out the turtles and ray’s and birds. The place is truly magnificent!

As we approached the rocky coral edge I spotted a completely black GT moving off at the speed of light and Kyle had a shot at some small bluefin kingfish but no eats.

We decided to sit down on a small little rocky outcrop and have a quick lunch while we regrouped and came up with the game plan for the rest of the afternoon! Rob recommended that we stick to the edge and slowly make our way to the east teasing off the edge as this really produced the previous week. Five teases then move a bit then tease again.

Now this is where it got seriously exciting!! Rob would put the teaser out far then as it gets closer myself and Kyle would start loading our cast and then drop the fly close to the teaser and then start stripping like mad!

We saw all sorts of fish coming in. Big Bohar snapper, Barracuda, Coral trout, bluefin Kingfish, GT’s just to name a few! You just never knew what to expect. I think that’s what probably made it so much fun, like a lottery! AND these fish came in HOT. All lite up and firing to eat anything in its path.

The one tease we saw some GT’s come onto it but then as it came to the edge they disappeared and the sea just lit up in neon blue. The bluefin kingfish were all over the place! I had 6 of these guys try and take my fly at one stage. Complete chaos but myself and Kyle tucked into them properly!

I must just add that to me, the bluefin kingfish is the true little gangster.

Trolling around hustling the small coral species and bait fish, and always up for a fight. Plus you see that flashing bright blue color come from miles out at the speed of light. Truly a unique experience!

Hats off to Kyle who also landed a really nice Bohar in between the neon blue brigade!

We had a ball doing this and I really recommend anyone trying this!

The day went by so quickly and with the fading sun, the visibility on the flats got less and we made our way back to the mother ship.

The other guys had a very similar day to us. Some broken leaders and plenty bluefin, barracuda and snapper. Ewan also managed to land a nice GT!

I am super motivated for tomorrow and I’m sure so are the other guys! We about to head for dinner and then definitely bed as I am poked!

Tomorrow should be another good one.

Ciao from the mothership under the starlit red sea sky