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  • Dear Rob,

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for a fantastic week of fishing you helped organize for me and my brother from the 27th Jan to the 3rd Feb. It was great.
    From when we arrived at Libreville where I was met by Habiba at passport control and guided through there, and on the return trip when we were met by her and put on the plane again, all was great. Thanks for organizing this.
    Eric & Nadine were very welcoming when we arrived and on the second day when I mentioned I did not eat fish Eric then went and made me scrambled eggs. I had non fish meals after that to the amazement of the rest of the group.
    Mark & Guy the professional fishermen with us were terrific and I learned a lot of new skills from Guy about fishing in those waters.
    We got some incredible photos of elephants as well.

    Once again thank you for making this a memorable fishing trip for me.

    Yours Sincerely

    James McAllister, UK
    Gabon, Sette Cama
  • Keith,

    Our trip to Tanzania with Tourette has to be one of the finest overall experiences that our group has experienced.  Mark and Greg were incredible and worked their butts off for all us.  Dez and his camp crews were special and looked after us and made everyone feel special.  The food was superb for being in the bush and the fishing…well the thrill of hooking a tigerish was beyond our expectations.  I was the lucky one to catch the biggest fish of the week that weighed in at 17 lbs.  Oh and did I mention how much we enjoyed the safari to Guantanamo camp.  We saw plenty of wild game including elephants, water buck, sable, eland, dika, etc., not to mention the abundant bird life.
    I hope that someday I can return with my son to show him what a truly extreme fishing experience is like.  The only condition I would make is that Mark and Greg would be the guides.
    Thank you for a wonderful and remarkable experience.

    Gary, USA
    Tengo Trophy Tigerfish, Tanzania
  • Hi Keith

    Thank you very much for your email. I would like to compliment both Johan and Stu in the strongest possible terms. They were fantastic hosts and great guides. They have both truly applied their minds to the question of creating a spectacular fishing experience. We had a couple of days of poor fishing due to the large amount of rain but once things cleared we had a great time. Great fish were caught but the quality of the experience including great advice went well beyond that. I will be returning next year, possibly for the pony trek as well as the yellow fishing near the camp, I also have a few mates keen to join after sharing my experience and photos with them.

    Kind Regards

    Dylan, South Africa
    Makhangoa Community Camp
  • Hi Keith,

    Our visit to Makhangoa Community Camp has been one of the highlights of my life, and 2 days after leaving Laura already asked when we are going again 🙂
    Everything was really fantastic on the trip.
    Johann and Stu were absolute super stars and the hospitality, food, welcoming, guiding, etc was all first class.
    I am going to suggest this venue for a fly fishing getaway to a group I belong to. I hope they will be as excited about it as I am.
    We can’t wait for our next trip to the Makhangoa Community Camp.

    Healthy regards

    Wills, Holland
    Makhangoa Community Camp
  • Keith,

    This sounds great.  Russ and I very much look forward to working with you on this.
    Meanwhile, I still cannot think of anything else.   My dreams are filled by Sudan, the missed fish, the successful hook ups, the water.  No other trip has consumed me to this extent.  Need to get back sometime!


    Matt Rice, Colorado, USA
    Nubian Flats
  • Dave McCoy Photography Seattle, Washington

    You guys run a fantastic operation from what I had access to.
    Everything in order and taken care of upon arrival.  Everyone was dialed and looking to make this a great trip for everyone there.
    For me personally, I really like to see those involved on the fishing side take good care of the fish and how they are pursued and Greg was fantastic about this.
    I really enjoyed the Ruhudji camp, being in the tents and eating on the beach each morning and night, felt like we were out there a bit more than on the Mnyera which is also more my style.

    Dave McCoy
    Owner/Travel Manager Emerald Water Anglers
  • I just got back from a fantastic week in Tanzania!!
    Had a great time. Nice lodges and people.
    Great fishing. The Tigers are really something else!!

    Hope to be able to come back some time.

    Håkan Undin, Sweden
    Tanzania Trophy Tigers
  • Trip was as always brilliant.
    Lots of fish caught and lots got away.  About 120 caught and probably double that slipped through our clutches.
    Motivation to improve our technique and prowess.

    Okavango Catfish Run Tigerfish
  • We had an awesome time on the Okavango – thanks to all.
    My wife and dad loved it. My wife did not catch many fish, but really enjoyed the place, guides and other guests.
    The guiding team was awesome – work well together and are super informed, skilled and professional. Excellent – thanks

    Okavango Tigerfish
  • Hi Keith –an experience even better than last year – guides and atmosphere amongst them was superb! And they all put us into fish every single day

    Fantastic!- cannot think of one criticism if I try

    Okavango Catfish Run Tigerfish
  • Again we have had another amazing trip and the team (Lionel, Andrew and Stewart) are best in class. You run a fantastic company with great people. Xaro is the icing on top and Donovan is a fantastic host.

    Thanks for another great week and we will be back for more!

    Okavango Tigerfish
  • I’ve fished several foreign destinations, and when people ask which fishing trip have I liked the best, I usually have to pause and think before I reply. None of them have been the “dream trip” I had hoped for. Until now. All my expectations for Tanzanian Tigerfish were exceeded several times over with your operation. My family was relieved how good my care was there, my mates are bright green with envy, and I’m still glowing from the experience.

    Tim Joern, USA
  • You have delivered a great experience that we will all keep in our memories of a lifetime. Hopefully, we will be able to repeat the trip somewhere else with your great company

    Jean Phillipe , France
  • It has been difficult catching up on all of our loose ends from the trip… which let me say… was absolutely spectacular! The Seychelles was great, I did hook a milkfish and we had tremendous fun attempting to land BIG G.T.s (bone fishing was just plane silly.) In retrospect the portion of our trip that was the absolute best, and I am even comparing all the trips we have ever been on, was the part we spent with you. Africa and the fly fishing was awesome, we will be back!

    Darren Williams, USA
  • Tourette Fishing specialises in creating a truly great experience, be it for families, “Dad and son” (which he has done many of) or, like us, a party of twelve – please don’t hold me (or him) to the price per person which I mentioned for our trip, Keith will always give you value for money, so much so that I will pay whatever his asking price is for our next trip, without question!! And I look forward to it!

    Chris Lemesurier, South Africa
  • We cannot talk highly enough of Keith Clover at Tourette Fishing. My wife and I and our three teenage children have been on many trips with him and his partner Rob Scott. Their particular talent is to structure a trip to satisfy a clients needs and budget. All you have to do is give him this and they will do the necessary. They are extremely expert in their knowledge and ability to arrange tailor made trips. Being both university graduates, they can put a trip together to satisfy your particular needs extremely well.

    Gavin Gow, South Africa
  • The ‘value add’ principle Tourette Fishing offers works well as the guiding is very focused while accommodation is very relaxing. All other places I’ve been to have great lodging with good boatmen who have learnt via default. This is good if you are on holiday, but if you are serious about the time/money spent on fishing, only expert advice is adequate to realise the trips expectation.
    Keep up the great work, and I’ll continue to spread the good word for you.

    Andrew Reid, South Africa
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