Makhangoa Community Camp – Season 2020/2021 – Week 8

As the river water cleared up again from the last couple days of downpour, the dads & lads group rolled into camp in awe of the gin clear waters below camp. The kids immediately set out to explore their surroundings, as the dads sat back and enjoyed a relaxed afternoon in camp around the fire.

Lately, the fishing in the river mostly picked up at around 10am each morning due to the cooler water temperatures, so we decided to start the guys in the dam in hope of getting the youngsters into a couple fish while we wait for the river to warm up.

A couple fish were taken shortly after the first casts of the morning suspending a nymph below an indicator. Two fish were also tricked into eating a beetle pattern casted into the grass patches along the banks of the dam.

Spirits were high and the kids were having the time of their lives, always finding something constructive to occupy themselves. The afternoon session on the river brought several small trout to the net, all hooked on small nymphs suspended under dry flies again.

Mother nature unleashed upon us once again, and we found ourselves fishing the dam for the best part of the second day. The water was icy cold and unfortunately the fishing was slow. However, the river cleared up for the last day of fishing, and the fish were back on the feed ensuring that everyone ended their trip on a high.

Overall, the guys had a fantastic time and we loved having them in camp.

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