Makhangoa Community Camp – Season 2020/2021 – Week 7

With heavy rain settling in after the departure of the previous group of guests, the river had blown out and fishing the upper section of Katse dam was inevitable for the next guests arriving in camp. On the first afternoon, we managed to fish the stretch of river surrounding the camp. As the thunder rumbled in the distance, we knew the blow out would be upon us any minute. However, we had a trick up our sleeves as we received our drift boat for the coming trout season.

It was stimulating to put the boat onto the dam as it would bring a totally new aspect to the flyfishing that Makhangoa Community Camp has to offer. The boat proved its worth as we managed to land numerous smallmouth yellowfish on dry fly and indicator set ups. The dam yet again delivered hefty numbers of fish as well as the odd rainbow trout coming to the net! The sight of trout has begun to stir the excitement of the nearing trout season to come. The dam was alive with terrestrial hatches during early morning and the late evenings. The fish congregated against the flooded grass banks and we often found fish being landed cast for cast.

With a successful week passing by, the team is jumping at the bit for the upcoming trout season and how the drift boat will increase our catch rate! The dam continues to make its way closer and closer to the famous pool below camp, ‘Diepgat,’ and we cannot help but think about swinging streamers for big trout in weeks to come.

Till next week,

Phil & Greg.

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