Makhangoa Community Camp – Season 2020/2021 – Week 10

The Makhangoa Community were awaiting in anticipation and excitement as the solar project team rolled into camp. They would be setting up solar panel systems in the village for every family, proudly funded by Indifly. The guys immediately set out to the village and took a quick walk through on the first afternoon, getting an idea of how the installations would run over the next couple days. With 65 systems to be installed, all hands were on deck and the Rubicon guys had soon set up two teams of villagers to provide a helping hand. A film crew had come up as well with the sole purpose of creating a conservation and flyfishing film.

With the guys running smoothly with installations, the film crew took the opportunity to head upriver in search of some smallmouth yellowfish. Conditions were at their finest and there plenty were yellowfish sipping terrestrials off the. The gents managed to get some incredible footage and fish! Plenty of top water eats and feisty runs into the backing on most fish made for big smiles and a sense of accomplishment all round.

The villagers continued to express how grateful they were for the solar panels throughout the week and there was a feel-good vibe in the air over the couple days of installations. African Waters as a whole would like to thank Johan Du Preez and Indifly for taking the initiative on such a big project to the benefit of the Makhangoa community! A huge thank you must also go to the two Rubicon guys who headed up the installations! It would have been impossible without their expertise.


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