Makhangoa Community Camp Grp 7 : 11th to 15th January 2015

After the success of the previous group, with much anticipation, we welcomed Garth Wellman, John Yelland, Andrew Mayo, Pascal, and Avril Potgieter into the Makhangoa Community Camp.

Upon arrival the water level was still a little high and cool but the fish were definitely around as we could see fish rising in the estuary section behind camp.

After a quick briefing the guys settled into their “rondawels” and it was not long before the first fish was landed. Most fish were taken on a dry-dropper setup but as the day drew to a close, Andrew Mayo walked away with the spoils by landing a superb 6lbs rainbow trout while nymphing the headwater of the pool below camp. Garth also pulled off a “Lesotho Slam” by landing a yellow, rainbow, and brown trout in his first session.

On the first morning the water was still very cool and we decided to start in the estuary/dam, have lunch in camp, and then fish the afternoon up the river. Even though most guests come to experience the spectacular sight fishing in the river, when the condition are non favourable, we are fortunate to have some world class sight fishing in the dam. The guys walked the edges and presented dries to very eager cruising fish and managed to land some really good specimens in access of 4lbs

The afternoon session got blown out by an immense hail storm which rendered the river a muddy mess. Fortunately the Bokong tends to run clean very quickly, and by early evening, the guys were treated to some world class fishing again. Mostly on a dry dropper setup, some really nice fish were landed. What did stand out was the monster yellowfish Garth sighted just before dark. Although nailing some incredible tricky casts and drifts, the fish was having none of it and in the end left us going back to camp defeated.

The following day we woke to gin clear skinny water, despite the storm of the day before.

With the picture perfect conditions, we decided to head up-stream and fish the pools and pocket water section around the village. The guys were treated to really spectacular fishing and countless fish were taken on the dry-dropper rig again. Big foam hoppers teamed up with size 16 hotspot nymphs were very enticing, and this combination pulled out a number of fish in the 4-6lbs range.

Unfortunately the day got cut a little short again by a heavy thunderstorm followed up by a front that brought plenty rain.

Needless to say the last morning everyone took their time over breakfast as there was no rush to get into the water. With the rain still coming down, the guys tied some flies over a steaming cup of coffee while some just enjoyed a nice lie in.

By midmorning the clouds started to lift and we gave it one last proper go. Garth and Andrew tackled the river while Pascal and Avril headed for the dam again.The fish were being very fussy and holding deep, but by the end of the day, some really good fish came to hand. Garth and Andrew managed a couple 3-4lbs fish while Pascal and Avril managed a handful of smaller fish.

Despite the weather not playing along the whole time, we still experienced some world class fishing and everyone had a great time. It was a pleasure having such experience anglers in camp, and their skill shone through in the tough conditions.

Until next time

Mark and Pierre