Makhangoa Community Camp 2019/20 Season – Blog 6

It is pretty simple – sometimes the weather just does not play along. It’s enough to send some anglers spiralling into mild depression, others see it as an opportunity to try different techniques with the chance of being rewarded with a yellowfish or two. Our new group –  Richard, Greg, Panda (Andrew), David, Colin and Bjorn got skunked by the weather gods. Heavy rain with hail, a rising river and plummeting water temperatures made for uber challenging conditions their entire stay.

All coming from a background in safari guiding, the gents were all too familiar with relinquishing to the wrath of the weather gods. After watching the river rise four feet in 2 minutes, there was zero fishing to be had. However, this didn’t stop the good vibes in camp. Games of cricket in-between downpours, whiskey and bourbon tastings plus a trip to the local shebeen (tavern) for a few games of pool and lukewarm Maluti Lagers made for some really entertaining times

In the end, we managed very little fishing due to the conditions, but still had the best time.

Till next time