Makhangoa Community Camp 2017/18 Season: Blog 6

It was with great pleasure we welcomed back season regulars and great friends Davo and Co. This was to be some of the teams 7th visit to the Makhangoa Community Camp. From the early days of the tented camp, long drop toilets, and the infamous paraffin rocket shower, these guys have watched the camp and community projects develop over the years to the product it is today.

They have also seen the river in all her various moods, from a raging torrent of flash flood, to the drought of 2015/16 and everything in between. So,with the river in skinny yet great condition, we were eager to have old friends back in camp, and looking forward to some world class sight fishing and lots of friendly banter around the fire each evening.

This weeks Video blog follows the production of the delicious Bokong Burger. One of the more simple meals created by the guides in the camp kitchen, but always a winner with hungry fly fishermen. Homemade patties and freshly baked bread rolls are key to the ‘deliciousness’ factor. As too is a cold Maluti beer, and friends to share fishing stories from the days past.