Makhangoa Community Camp 1st – 3rd March 2016

1st – 3rd March 2016

Gavin, his old man Derek, and Cullum made their way to the Makhangoa Community Camp for a weekend on the Bokong River in search of some wild yellow fishing. They were joined in camp by Tudor, Chris and Mickey who were getting ready for a pony trekking trip with Stu.

As always the guys were more than keen to hit the water so we headed down to Home Pool to remedy the buck fever. We cautiously approached the water with the intention of stalking some cruising yellows. Gavin was first to target a pod of fish holding in the tail-out. He planted his fly precisely where I pointed and it wasn’t five seconds before a shimmering bronze nose broke the surface and his fly disappeared. With a bit of ‘bullying’ his first Yellow fish rolled into the net. Derek was hot on his heels with a screaming reel and a steep bend in his rod.

On the second day the good fortunes didn’t last too long as a muddy wash came down soon after Gavin landed the first fish of the day. We tried to out run the dirty wash and drove down to the footbridge from where we made our way back up to camp. The weather didn’t seem to play along, but luckily the boys managed a couple of Yellows before a thunder storm drove them back to camp. The weather didn’t play along, and the rest of the day was a total blow out, luckily there were some cold beers to lift the mood.

On their last day the going was tough. It took almost all day for the water to clear enough to spot some fish. As the day drew to an end a threatening thunder cloud rolled over the hills, but the proverbial catch of the day did come at the very end. Gavin was just about to call it a day when I took him to the run above Ed’s Pool where he ended up landing two proper Yellows.

It was a great trip, only problem was that it had to end so soon.

Until the next time, cheers boys!

Johann, Lionel and Stu