Makhangoa Community Camp: 19 – 23 March 2015

Winter is approaching fast in the mountains of Lesotho. Heavy autumn rains have caused havoc in the catchment area of the Bokong river claiming 1 victim who got washed away by the strong currents while trying to cross a swollen river. The local man from Motswedi village upstream from Makhangoa was only found days later when the river subsided a bit. Our thoughts are with his family at this time.

On the fishing front, the bulk of the yellowfish have moved out of the river at the end of the spawning season by early March and into the Katse dam where they can be caught against the steep banks and in the weedbeds as they forrage for food. Autumn is hopper time in Lesotho. Garth Wellman and Armand Flies enjoyed a crazy session casting big hoppers at cruising fish from high on the steep and slippery slope, risking both limb and rod to get an eat and were rewarded with some very good fish.

John spent time on his small inflatable duck with trolling motor cruising the margins and casting stimulators to rising yellows landing a number of good size fish.

The next day Garth and Armand fished a very swollen river and were rewarded with a very good yellowfish taken from ‘Homepool’. High waters made it impossible to fish the river using conventional upstream tactics so the guides had to come up with some new ways to target the big rainbows moving into the system.

Standing waist deep in the head of the run, casting huge streamers on intermediate and sinking lines across the fast current, then allowing the fly to swing down while stripping line proved to be very successful. The rainbows were hitting the flies hard so the guys spent most of the time ripping and stripping big flies through the runs and pools hoping to latch onto that all elusive 10 pounder that all trout fisherman are after. Unfortunately no 10 pounders were landed on this trip but everyone got some big trout as well as yellows. The fish of the week being a hefty yellowfish landed by Garth while swinging flies in the estuary just below camp. This is what the guides call fishing for “Katse Steelhead”.

It was a very good week with some great fishing and great company.

The trout season is now in full swing and there are still plenty of yellowfish to be caught in the dam so get your float tubes ready, pack your sinking lines and come visit us at the Makhangoa Community Camp.

See you on the water.