Lemmel – Stubø’s Africa Diary: Day 6 Bokong River



We recently had the privilege of hosting the guys from Lemmel at the Makhangoa Community Camp in Lesotho. To read more about the experience in camp, please click here!

About Lemmel

Lemmelkaffe is a kokkaffe collective and brand based in the Arctic Circle.
Our main goal is to spread the traditional Scandinavian art form of making coffee on an open flame.
We believe that humanity benefits from spending time outdoors, taking a step back from the hectic pace of modern everyday life. Kokkaffe is a process that takes time, just like many important parts of the human experience. Timeless coffee culture from the Arctic Circle.

Makhangoa Community Camp

In 2011, our mission was set: to navigate Lesotho’s waterways in search of an unparalleled yellowfish sanctuary, a goal we were certain existed. Following numerous exploratory journeys, exhaustive hours on Google Earth, gripping 4×4 expeditions, and arduous mountain treks, our pursuit bore fruit in 2012! The gratification in achieving this aspiration is immeasurable. We proudly present an unparalleled yellowfish encounter, a blend of dry fly and sight fishing of the utmost caliber – reminiscent of ancient eras. At the heart of this experience lies the Makhangoa Community Camp, situated along the Bokong River, granting anglers access to over 20 kilometers of prime yellowfish waters, an unparalleled gem in Southern Africa.

Beyond the enthralling sight fishing for yellowfish, our guests are privileged with a rare chance to target both rainbow and brown trout within this same system. Embracing more than just exquisite fly fishing, anglers delve into the cultural richness and natural splendor of the Lesotho Mountains and its inhabitants.

This distinctive yellowfish expedition is not solely about angling; it’s an immersive experience that intertwines with the heritage and beauty of Lesotho’s landscapes and its people, providing an opportunity for profound exploration and connection with nature.

To find out more, please click here!

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