Following the success of the previous weeks guide drift the team set out for the seventh drift of the season feeling very confident. First time guests to African Waters André, Charles, Trevor and Matt arrived with huge levels of excitement as it was all of their first time fishing the beautiful orange river. Night one at base camp was spent sorting out gear and discussing tactics for the following few days.

Day one on the river was a tough one due to massive winds…this was the case for the second day too. Although the conditions were extremely difficult for fishing the guys still managed to tick off a couple of decent largemouth yellowfish as well as a giant small mouth yellowfish. Day three we were greeted with lovely conditions, the wind dissipated and the temperature picked up.
Just as quickly as the weather conditions improved so did the fishing, day three saw many quality sized small mouth yellowfish taken on streamers in between several good largies just missing the double digit mark but the highlight of the day was when André was fishing one of the deep pools… fishing a shallow shelf that drops off into slow deep water André made a cast and the fly was ingulfed on the sink, the fish tore off and immediately we knew it was a very good fish.
After a good fight the fish was in the net weighing well in the double digits, this was truly a special fish for André and the team.

Day four and five the guys caught multiple smallies in the fast water on streamers the largies were difficult to find but the guys persevered and were rewarded with a couple more decent fish as well as a few big fish being lost.

This trip was a memorable one for all following a very successful trip. Once again many of the guys ticking off their first large mouth yellowfish along with some seriously big smallmouth yellows. Smiles all around as the guys enjoyed hot showers back at base camp with a cold beer reminiscing over the days gone by.

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