The fifth week of the 2021 Kalahari season saw a full week of 30 degree plus days with only one afternoon of wind which made for absolute ideal conditions. The water temperature increased by the day, as well as the clarity, improving from a dirty brown to more of a dark green.

The drift started off slowly, but the last couple days of the drift saw large numbers of smallmouth yellowfish caught on nymph rigs in the faster water, as well as several very respectable smallies falling pray to streamers and flexo crab patterns.
Unfortunately the bigger largemouth yellows still seemed to allude us, with a couple really big fish managing to get away. However, the anglers persisted, and still managed several decent largies in the 4-8lb range.

A great time was had by both anglers and guides, with plenty laughter around the campfire, and all sorts of antics on the river.

Till next week.

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