The fourth drift of the 2021 Kalahari season saw the best weather yet. Hot windless days was a nice break from the previous weeks bitterly cold conditions. With the rising temperatures and stable water levels, the clarity of the river also improved considerably.

We saw more largemouth yellowfish moving out of the deep-slow moving pools and into the faster water with several respectable specimens coming out of the tail-outs. Amongst the increasing numbers of largies, the bigger smallmouth yellowfish were also showing themselves, feeding far more aggressively and frequently than previous weeks. Three of the smallmouth yellows landed were respectably around the 6lb mark. We nymphed the faster water in search of schooling smallmouth and were rewarded with numerous fish, many of them falling for crab and caddis patterns. Some of the bigger smallmouth yellows also showed a particular interest to swinging ‘Crazy Charlie’s’ in the faster water.

Stunning weather conditions, incredible scenery, and a great atmosphere around the fire in the evenings made for an entertaining and memorable trip for everyone.

Till next week.

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