The 20th of August marked the end of our third wilderness Kalahari drift and a spectacular week it was. Our third drift saw the first consistent water levels of the season with the river dropping consistently throughout the course of the week. We started seeing the river clear up far more than the previous weeks. As a result, we found great success whilst targeting smallmouth yellowfish in the faster flowing water. The smallmouth were found concentrated under steep rapids as well as below the weir. These areas proved to be consistent throughout the week which was a marked improvement from the start of the season! With warmer and clearer water we look forward to the consistency chasing both the smallmouth and largemouth yellowfish.

The largemouth yellowfish also made an appearance this week, however, the guys had to put in the time and casts to find them. The largemouth were largely found in deeper water on rocky pinnacles as well as back-eddies, once more showing more consistency. 

All in all it was a truly fantastic week shared by all! We had an incredible group of guys on our third drift all willing to put in the time to figure out these early season conditions. On top of that, the guys were simply eager to get out and enjoy the wilderness and solitude that came with it. Many laughs were shared from put-in to take-out, from the rapids to the lunch spots and from the dinner table to the campfires. What a memorable week it was. One we look forward to sharing again in the very near future!

With the spring season just around the corner and a clearing lower Orange River, we cannot help but get excited for what’s to come!

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