The last week of the 2021 season was a tough one, unexpected heavy rains unfortunately lifted the river level extremely high followed by brown water making the conditions far from ideal. Despite this the team set of with Tom and Gary from the USA in search of large mouth and small mouth yellows.

The morning of day one was expectedly slow but in the afternoon, we managed to get a couple of small mouth yellows nymphing in a side channel which seemed to be slightly cleaner than the main channel. One largemouth also came out that day on a streamer in the tail out of a big pool.

Day two was slow but Gary managed to get a very respectable largie which gave him a good pull. The following days after that we managed to get a few fish here and there mostly on the nymph patters but on the last day Tom got stuck into a really special small mouth which ate his streamer, after a good fight between the bolders he landed the beautiful fish and got some awesome pictures of it. Gary also got another largie just before takeout. Considering the river conditions, it was a very successful week.

The 2021 orange river season was awesome with some really special fish coming out, amazing scenery and lots of priceless memories were made…until next year.

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