Jig Fishing – Short update from Sette Cama

Jig Fishing

Jig Fishing

This morning, we embarked on our ongoing expedition to explore the expansive ndogo lagoon system, aiming to uncover its immense jig fishing potential. Using microjigs weighing between 10 to 20 grams, we promptly discovered a substantial population of snapper. The immense size of this area can be overwhelming, but our journey to unlock its secrets promises to be both lengthy and incredibly enjoyable.

Jig Fishing in Gabon

Understanding this style of fishing

Micro jig fishing is a specialized angling approach that revolves around the utilization of diminutive, lightweight jigs, typically weighing between 10 to 30 grams, to pursue diverse fish species dwelling in deeper aquatic realms. This method hinges on a vertical jigging motion, entailing the rhythmic lifting and descending of the jig within the water column. Its efficacy shines when fishing in habitat-rich environments, where traditional lures frequently meet obstructions. Micro jig fishing is experiencing a surge in popularity within the angling community, primarily attributed to its remarkable versatility and proficiency in ensnaring a broad spectrum of species. Its capacity to adapt to various conditions and habitats has cemented its status as a favored technique for those seeking an enhanced and diversified fishing experience.

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Micro Jig Fishing

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