Jack Crevalle – Fishing in Africa’s Eden

Jack Crevalle

Jack Crevalle – When you come to Africa’s Eden to fish, every cast is a chance to hook a real monster. Sometimes, you get surprised by the size and species of the fish that bites.  African Waters guide Mike Dames runs us through a moment that will go down as one of the highlights of the 22/23 season.

An Epic Battle for a Bittersweet Prize: Lagoon Fishing at Sette Cama

During our morning session fishing over submerged rocky section in the lagoon, guest Dave Faber was using light gear and a soft plastic bait when he suddenly got a big hit. We thought it was a cubera snapper at first and prepared for a good fight. But as the fish took off, we realized it was different.

The fish was putting up a tough battle, and Dave had to use all his skills to handle the small reel as the line started to peel off. It was a dirty and intense fight that lasted a long time. The fish wasn’t giving up easily, and we had to take the fight to the bank before we could finally bring it up.

To our surprise, it was a Jack Crevalle! These fish are known for their brute strength and power and always amaze us with their fight. It was a great catch, and Dave was thrilled. He said it was one of the best fishing experiences he’s ever had, and I have to agree.

If you’re planning a fishing trip to Sette Cama, catching a Jack Crevalle should be on your bucket list. These fish are a species you don’t want to miss, and their hard fight will make for an unforgettable experience.

sette camafishing at sette cama

Discovering the Mighty Jack Crevalle: Background Information on a Thrilling Game Fish

Jack Crevalle is a trevally that inhabits warm coastal waters of the Atlantic ocean. They are well-known for their aggressive nature, making them a popular target for recreational fishing. These fish can grow to be over 120cm in length and weigh up to 30kg. They have a distinct appearance, with a dark olive-green to dark blue-black back and a silvery-white belly, and are easily identified by a black spot on their pectoral fin.

Jack Crevalle are predators that feed on smaller fish, crabs, and shrimp, making them an important part of the marine ecosystem. They are sought after by many anglers for their hard fight and intense battle, making them a favorite game fish. Their brute strength and power make for an unforgettable fishing experience. It’s no wonder that catching a Jack Crevalle is a must-do for any avid angler.

Sette Cama – The Ultimate Fishing Destination in Gabon

Sette Cama is a remote fishing camp situated in the heart of Gabon’s Loango National Park, which is situated on the west shore of Central Africa. The camp supplies unequaled accessibility to the wild and excellent waters of Gabon, which are house to a diverse range of fish species, including tarpon, gigantic trevally, cubera snapper, as well as the elusive Jack Crevalle. The camp operates a catch-and-release basis, with all fish returned safely to the water after being caught.

The camp is run by African Waters, a renowned fishing outfitter that specializes in providing top-quality fishing experiences in some of the most remote and unspoiled areas of Africa. The facilities at Sette Cama are designed to offer guests a comfortable and relaxing base from which to explore the surrounding waters. Accommodation options include spacious and well-appointed tents, each with en-suite facilities, and a central dining area where guests can enjoy delicious meals prepared by the camp’s chef

The waters surrounding Sette Cama are rich in marine life, and also the camp offers a variety of angling chances to suit all degrees of experience. From targeting big aggressive species such as bull sharks and also big tarpon & snapper to chasing the elusive Jack Crevalle, visitors at Sette Cama make certain to have a fishing experience they will certainly always remember. In addition to fishing, the camp also offers a range of other activities, including guided walks in the park to see the local wildlife and birdwatching expeditions.

Sette Cama is a really distinct location for any individual aiming to experience the wild and untamed beauty of Gabon’s coastline. With its stunning place, superb centers, and also first-rate angling chances, it is not surprising that it has become one of the most desired locations for sport anglers from around the world.

If you would like to experience this amazing fishery, please click here for more info.

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